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Victory Temple Church

306 E. Broadway

Lenoir City, Tn. 37771





PO Box 880,

Lenoir City, TN 37771



10:30 A.M.










Thousands have been healed and blessed through 

Prophet Woody Martinís Ministry We've Seen At

Victory Temple Church in Lenoir City!






The Lord healed this man of blindness during

a recent meeting with Prophet Martin



Student Blessing Services - Annually in August


Marissa Davis (R) has published a best selling book;

she is a supporter of Woody Martin Ministries and has been prayed

over many times for the success of this project


This gentleman quietly sitting in the back during our Macon crusade in September of 2007 when the power of God began to fall and he came forward to help us usher and catch people being slain in the Spirit. Suddenly, Prophet Martin looked at him and said the Lord was showing him through a word of knowledge the Lord was "going to do something concerning his heart." This gentleman burst into tears and told Prophet Martin he had just went through open bypass surgery and even opened his shirt (RIGHT) to show us all the scar from the operation. This gentleman as you can see was taller than most in the room but under the power of God wept like a small child. He received a special touch from the Lord during this evening where an usually strong anointing of the gifts and healing was flowing.